Monday January 4, 2016

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@iamlkpinder #PinderAddicts #StatenIslandMondays

@iamlkpinder #PinderAddicts #StatenIslandMondays

@iamlkpinder #PinderAddicts #StatenIslandMondays

@iamlkpinder #PinderAddicts #StatenIslandMondays

@iamlkpinder #PinderAddicts #StatenIslandMondays

@iamlkpinder #PinderAddicts #StatenIslandMondays

@iamlkpinder #PinderAddicts #StatenIslandMondays

Stapleton Pinder Addicts:

The two skirts enter the Staten Island headquarters,
The River Dock Cafe.

 Pinder fashion notes:
Victoria Beckham mesh panel pencil dress
Sebastin Milano glitter pumps.

Ms. Stapleton fashion notes:
Dolce & Gabbana print dress
gold back buckle side high heel Giuseppe Zanotti.

The skirts are seated.

Pinder: New Year. New begins.
 No need for happy new year greetings. Lets start.
Ms. Stapleton: New begins.
Lets start.
The waiter ask skirts for order.
Pinder: We'll have moet. I'll have the fresh main lobster. Thank you.

Ms. Stapleton: I'll have a Greek salad with grilled chicken. Thank you.

Pinder : So the pants, he's livin?
What's going on with bae?
Ms. Stapleton: He's livin' with both of his heads up.
 He's putting his manhood in everything and denying everything.
 Both skirts laugh.

Pinder: The new interior design in the wheels, bonuses?
 The new interior in your car, how did you get it?
Ms. Stapleton:  A gift from a friend.
 Someone special gave it to me.
Pinder: Details.
Ms. Stapleton: He's sweet...
 He's nice...
Pinder: I hope not too sweet.
 I hope he's not gay.
Ms. Stapleton: Sweet tooth Sweet. Under estimated. Very under estimated!
 No, he's a big guy. He's good in bed. Really good in bed!
Pinder: The pants, you're putting both legs in?!?!
 So, you're having sex with both of them?!?!
Ms. Stapleton: Pants doesn't pay. The sweet tooth pays. It's only for bottom, not top.
 Bae doesn't pay me attention. The big guy pays me attention. It's only for sex, nothing more.
Pinder: Positive. It seems both.
 Are you sure? It seems like it's a mental and physical thing.
Ms. Stapleton: I'm a old dog...with new tricks.
 This is not my first time having an affair. I'm just better at doing it.
Pinder: and some treats...
And getting gifts from him too...
Both ladies laugh.

Ms. Stapleton: The pants, he knows!
Oh bae, he knows!
Pinder:  Open?!?!
Y'all in an open relationship?!?!
Ms. Stapleton: Its working.
Hey, it's working for us.
Pinder: Two adults.
Y'all are both grown.
Once the food arrived there was silence.


L.K. Pinder


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