Saturday, October 10, 2015

October 10, 2015

Thursday, May 7, 2015

May 7, 2015

Dear whom it may concern,

when your priorities change
your mind state changed
when your facial expression change 
your mind state changed
but how do you change your priorities
when you can't keep a straight face
day dreaming
is a waste of time
time I can no longer afford
time is a luxury
no lay-a-way plan
no plan for my future
I want to be a designer
but where do I start
I want to do something in fashion
maybe a designer is my thing
maybe not
I am wasting too much time
trying to figure out 
how NOT to waste my time
I just want to become my dream woman
I just want to show case the best version of me
to myself
to my love one
to the world
the journey will begin
once I stop over analyzing 
how NOT to waste my time
and just focus on my designer dreams
everything else has fall
by the waist side
I am ready to move forward
I have to take the first step
it's the hardest thing
especially since 
everyone wants you to run
but I run my world
I'll just put my best foot forward
and only look back
to help me move forward

L. K. Pinder

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March 3, 2015

Dear whom it may concern,

I am learning
the hard way
to discover my talent
most people my age
already discovered their talent
or at least have an idea
I don't know what's my destiny is 
I just don't want to waste my time
it seems
sitting around
turning down opportunities
only the opportunities 
I feel WILL waste my time 
the reality is
I'm wasting my own time
or maybe
I'm waiting for the right thing to come along
my gut feeling
tells me
it has to do with fashion
 I don't know
exactly what "it " is
Whatever I put my heart into 
I want to do it 100%
One thing is for sure
Patience is a virtue for a reason
good things come to those who wait
the hard part is to
figure out
when to stop waiting

 L. K. Pinder

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

February 17, 2015

Dear whom it may concern,

 I don't have many exes
Do you ever wonder
about your exes
why they didn't see your potential?
what if y'all was still together?
I don't
I just see it as
our mind states were sync
when we were
Then we changed our mind states 
now we are not
it doesn't mean
something is wrong with an ex
nor does it mean 
something is wrong with me
it just means
my past relationship 
 adjust my mind state
to prepare me for the next chapter
of my life
if you didn't learn anything
from a past relationship
you are the individual
who keep on dating
the same type of people
what am I doing wrong?
what are you doing wrong?!?!?!
you are dating people with the same mind state
change your mind state!!!
so you can change 
the type of people you are attracting
For an example
many men
wonder why they attract hoes
because their mind state is to be....
a male hoe
you attract what you are thinking
when a man changes
his mind state
the type of women he attract will change too
this is the reason why
so many men turn in 
their player card
their mind state changed
the mind is a very amazing tool
if you use it right
or at least try

L. K. Pinder

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

February 10, 2015

Dear whom it may concern,

I looked outside
and I saw the ghetto
I looked into my heart
I saw luxury
I looked to my neighbor
all he saw
was the wrong
I saw
what I need to make right
I saw
I saw dreams
needing light
to get out of the darkness
I saw the strong minded
wanting to blend
with the rich
I saw gold mines
in their mind
but they gave their gold away 
for free
I saw myself
in the reflecting
outside my window
I saw it in the old
I saw it in the young
I saw it in the gangters
I saw it in the 9 to 5 workers
I saw myself
I saw my people
I saw my future
in my people
outside of my window